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HarID is your life-long access-key to different kinds of educational services.

HarID helps a single user log in to multiple applications, create an account for minors who do not have an ID card, and manage user rights for their institution's employees.

By creating an account in the system, you agree to the HarID terms of use.

Applications already joined include: eKool, Opiq, Foxcademy, E-koolikott, E-koolikoti sisuloome, Tahvel, Libry, Haridusportaal, HTM MoodleHelge Kool,  EIS, Print In City, Eliis, SAIS, Konkursiveeb, eLasteaed, õpirakendus Mastery, TaskuTark, Tinda, Koolide Pinal, and this list is expanding!

The confirmation letter may end up in your spam folder due to your email service provider when creating an account. If it seems that the letter was not sent, please check your spam folder!

What to do if a child does not have an ID card or Mobile-ID option?

  • A guardian (e.g., a parent) can create a HarID account for the child.
  • The guardian creates a HarID account for themselves, and this automatically establishes a connection between the children and guardians, as HarID is linked to the population register.
  • The guardian sends an invitation to join HarID to the child's email (for example, one created with the help of the school). When logged in, the parent can see their children's information, beside which is a "send invitation" button. Press the button and fill in the requested fields. NB! All emails may independently end up in spam. If the confirmation letter does not arrive, please check there!
  • The child logs into their email inbox and activates the HarID account via the link in the email (if the child does not have an email address, the guardian will create one on behalf of the child in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act § 8), setting a suitable password for future logins.
  • Subsequently, the child can use HarID login with a username and password, as their personal identification code is linked through the parent.

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