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Institution's general guide

  1. As an IT administrator of your institution, create your personal HarID account at (according to the instructions). Account has to be made using strong authentication method (Mobile-ID or ID-card). Definitely use your personal e-mail address when creating HarID account (not your institution's email).
  2. Find the menu "Institutions" from the menu-bar and search for your institution there. Next to the institution there is a button "New registration": please register yourself as system administrator. If, for some reason, your institution doesn't show up in the list- please notify us at harid at
  3. Send your institution's contact information, including schools representative person's and IT-specialist's name and e-mail address to harid at
  4. Based on the information sent to tugi at, contract will be sent to the institution's representative person for signing. After both parties have signed the contract, the institution's IT-specialist's membership gets confirmed in HarID by Ministry of Education and Research.
  5. Configure connection with Syncserver.
  6. Set up your API-user in HarID portal (see the corresponding instructions).
  7. If you already have directory service previously set up in your institution, you can export the account-related data in CSV format from there and import the .csv file into HarID. Instructions for importing CSV file can be found here.